Get a perfect body before summer!

Do you know how many calories per day you need? What to eat and not to eat to reach them without exceeding them. Probably not. Why? Because this is different for everyone. It depends of your age, you gender, your size and you can invent it.

Well don’t worry! is here to help you!

What is it? is a website put at your disposal to get you informed of the nutritional facts of what you eat and give you advices of what to eat according to the goal you set to yourself.

What is different with is that their data base lists all the biggest restaurants, fast food chains and brands and gives you a real overview of the fat and calories of your favorite foods so that you know exactly what you are eating.

Don’t hesitate! Register for free and receive personal emails to remind you your objectives and give you advices to achieve them.


Good luck!


If you have an iPhone, an application is also available so that you can use it everywhere!

Why drinking water is so important?

Did you know that our body was composed of 70% of water? After oxygen, water is the most important element that constitutes our body and is essential for its good work.

Thus, it is important to stay hydrated all the time, especially during or after a physical activity.

However, our vital need of drinking has been diverted for a few decades. Most of the people have replaced water by sodas or juices. Even if natural juices are full of vitamins; they can be bad for you if you abuse of it, because they contain sugar. In what concerns sodas, even the diet ones are bad for you if you drink them too frequently.

On the other hand, what we don’t realize is that sodas and juices, which contain a lot of sugar, don’t quench our thirst. On the contrary, they make us want to drink more. This is how we gain weight!

(see photo: the number of pieces of sugar for each bottle of Coke)

Let me give you a challenge!

During 4 days, stop drinking sodas and juices and replace them by water. During these 4 days, you can drink as much water as you want. I can guarantee you that you will feel lighter and that after these 4 days, you will drink water instead of sodas with pleasure.


Drinking water regularly, practicing a sport activity and eating well are the secrets to feel better and lose weight. It is hard to take the plunge, but once you did, you feel so good…

A lot of fun to share !

If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re going to love it!

A tandem bike is a bicycle composed of two saddles, one in the front and another one in the back. You can find two kinds of tandems: the one with two handlebars and the one with only one, which is the most common. This bike allows you to go faster with less efforts and guarantees you a lot of fun with you partner! Small tip… Sit in the back if you feel tired, so that you can take a break without your partner to even notice it.


Did you know it?

The tandem was invented in the 18th century for people who couldn’t afford a car or any mean of conveyance. The tandem wasn’t as expensive as the other vehicles and gave people the opportunity to walk-around in couples or even with the whole family. During the first decades of existence of the tandem, you could easily find a 4 or 6-space bicycle!

This article gave you the urge of trying the tandem bike with your friends?

Good news! You can rent one for an hour or a day in almost every rental centers. Don’t wait and have fun!