Finally more STATS on how video makes you successful!

Ok maybe I am exaggerating. But if you have increased sales you have more money. It’s now a hard-core fact that promotional videos help to sell products 35% more than those without. It’s not rocket science. If we go back 10 years ago, you would never buy anything unless it had a picture (well hell-o, even today). As technology is ever-moving we need to keep up! Be a trend setter and take your business to the fore front. Those dragging those feet always get left behind.

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Video Product Tours Result in 35% Increase in Online Sales Conversion

SellPoint, Inc. study conducted by Coremetrics found a significant increase in product purchases after online shoppers viewed audio/video tours of products.

The study analyzed online shopping behaviors to measure the impact SellPoint’s Active Product Tours (APT) on the purchase patterns of online shoppers. Among the findings:

  • There was a 35% increase in the sales conversion rate among shoppers who viewed the tours vs. those who did not.
  • Shoppers viewing the product tours spent more than 2.5 minutes, on average, engaged in viewing detailed product information about each product viewed.

The Active Product Tours are detailed product presentations featuring audio, video and downloadable sales collateral related to a particular product. Shoppers choose to view them by selecting a “Take a Product Tour” button on the product page.

SellPoint also released the following information:

  • Last year, online shoppers spent more time viewing APT on Thanksgiving Day than on CyberMonday (208,509 minutes vs. 181,726 minutes).
  • Based on SellPoint projections, Thanksgiving Day view time will total more than 380,000 minutes vs. nearly 182,000 minutes of view time on CyberMonday.

About the study: The Coremetrics online shopper study was conducted on the CompUSA website, which features SellPoint APT for products from companies such as Canon, Panasonic and Epson. The study was conducted over 30 days and examined more than a million shopping sessions.

What can I do with my video?

Well here are 42 things to get your started! 

Customer Reference Videos

1. Video Customer Testimonials (Popularity: Moderate  | Growth Potential: High)

2. Video Success Stories (Popularity: Moderate  | Growth Potential: High)

3. Video Case Study (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Moderate)

4. Man-in-the-street Interviews(Popularity: Moderate  | Growth Potential: High)

5. Customer Presentations. (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Low)

Product and Service Promotions

6. Product Presentations (Popularity: Moderate  | Growth Potential: High)

7. Product Demonstrations (Popularity: Moderate  | Growth Potential: High)

8. Product Reviews (Popularity: Moderate  | Growth Potential: High)

9. Visual Stories(Popularity: Moderate  | Growth Potential: High)

Corporate Videos

10. Corporate Overview (Popularity: High  | Growth Potential: moderate)

11. Executive Presentations (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Moderate)

12. Staff Presentations (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Moderate)

13. Corporate facilities or equipment tour (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Low)

Training and Support Videos

14. Training (Popularity: High  | Growth Potential: High)

15. Overnight expert videos (Sales Support) (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Moderate)

16. Just-in-time learning(Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: High)

17. Post sale support and maintenance videos (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Moderate)

Internal Communications Videos

18. Internal Communications (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Moderate)

19. Event/Conference and Trade Show Communications.(Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Moderate)

20. Employee orientation (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Moderate)

21. Health, Legal & Safety (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: High)

Advertising , Marketing  and Promotion

22. Commercials (Popularity: High  | Growth Potential: High)

23. Viral Video (Popularity: High  | Growth Potential: High)

24. Email Video(Popularity: Moderate  | Growth Potential: High)

25. Infomercials(Popularity: High  | Growth Potential: Moderate)

26. Content Marketing(Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Huge)

27. Landing pages and micro sites (Popularity: Moderate  | Growth Potential: High)

PR Support and Community Relations

28. Video Press Releases (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: High)

29. PR Support Materials(Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Moderate)

30. Community Relations Video (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: High)

Event Video

31. Event Presentation video(Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: High)

32. Round table Sessions (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: High)

33. Q&A Expert sessions. (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Moderate)

Other Uses of Video

34. Recruitment Videos (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Moderate)

35. VLOG (Popularity: Moderate  | Growth Potential: Low)

36. In Store Video(Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: High)

37. Company Lobby / Waiting Room Video (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Moderate)

38. Mobile Video (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Huge)

39. Market research, focus groups and polling (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Moderate)

40. Website FAQ Video(Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Moderate)

41. Video White paper (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Low)

42. Video Magazine (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Low)

Our ad in Go Riverwalk Magazine

Pick up Fort Lauderdale’s City Magazine and see this snazzy ad….Yes, I did just say snazzy.

Example of video+internet

So here is a little girl, 3 years old, who got over 22 million viewers because of crying over Justin Bieber. Just an ordinary little girl with a crush, who eventually had Justin Bieber showing up at her door. All her mom did was turn on the video camera. This is an excellent example of how video attracts viewers, it was watched over and over again, shared, commented on…..and this little girls dream came true. Do you want your dream to come true?

Whoo HOO! We are not alone…

I found this great post today, but unfortunately I had to copy and paste to share the info!

What does “Video Marketing” really mean?


Paradigm shifting technologies are great, but they can have an unfortunate side effect… confusion about new terminology. One such phrase that’s currently mired in confusion is “video marketing.” Folks generally fall into one of two camps, both of which are valid but beg definitions, differentiation, and division. We’ll break these camps into two groups: “MarketingWith Video” and “Marketing A Video”.

Marketing With Video

The people in the “Marketing With Video” camp are usually selling a product or service and using video to better explain that product or service. This typically takes the form of incorporating video into a direct marketing campaign like a newsletter or promotion. The simplest example of “Marketing WITH Video” is a company adding video to its website to summarize its product. Other examples of “Marketing With Video” include:

  • small-dotGathering actionable data on user engagement to help optimize a purchase funnel
  • small-dotIncorporating video into e-mail marketing campaigns to understand which prospects are particularly interested
  • small-dotUsing recorded webinars as a source of lead generation.

Here’s an example of “Marketing With Video”. This video is designed to better inform a web visitor about some elements of a product once they’re on our site. It wouldn’t be nearly as useful if viewed on YouTube.

The common thread of “Marketing With Video” is that the video is designed to better market things to someone who is already engaging with your company because they’re on your website, signed up for your newsletter, downloaded a whitepaper, or perhaps registered with you at a trade show.

Marketing A Video

Businesses who think of Video Marketing as “Marketing A Video” are generally trying to build brand awareness for their company/products. This is done by giving viewers a taste of the brand or concept in a concise package that can travel anywhere and that is designed to be shared. Taken to its extreme a video will be so compelling that it will market itself and you have created the elusive viral video. For this reason, these types of videos are generally more about entertainment and less about explanation.

Once the video has been created, it is often pushed out to as many of the consumer video sharing sites as possible (YouTube, Vimeo,, etc.). These videos are often accompanied by a social media campaign, reaching out to bloggers and posting on Twitter, to try and generate buzz (and views) for the company’s video. For companies in this camp, they can either manually manage the whole process of marketing their video, or they can use third party tools like TubeMogul. TubeMogul allows companies to push videos to several different video sharing sites simultaneously and track the views across all of those channels in a single dashboard.

Here’s a great example of a “Marketing A Video” campaign that turned out to be a viral success. I’m unsure exactly what it’s for, but I like it!

So, why does this matter?

These differentiations are important because understanding them can be the difference between solving your problems quickly and being lost in the mire of marketing-speak website after marketing-speak website. Do you find this differentiation important? How would you improve upon these definitions?

Why video, you ask?

A lot of our customers and friends keep asking why video marketing? So my friends, here is a quick explanation on how it can help you!

Video Marketing is a great way to get you to stand out from your competition and increase sales.  Competing on the internet has gotten very competitive and it’s only going to get fiercer.  People are turning more and more to the internet for information and getting their attention is getting harder because of all content.  One simple Google search can easily land hundreds of thousands of results. Video marketing can change all of that for your business.

Having video content will help separate you from everyone else and make it much easier for them to find you.  It’s never been easier to deliver your video message online.

Who Can Use Video Marketing:

  • Sales professionals
  • Brick & Mortar Businesses
  • Professional Occupations
  • Dentists, Lawyers, Doctors, Chiropractors
  • Any business or person promoting their product or service
  • Events, fundraisers

Why Use Video Marketing:

  • Increase Traffic
  • Increase Conversion
  • Increase Sales
  • More appealing to the senses to see rather than read
  • Videos increase time spent on your webpage
  • Great organic search results

Video Marketing Content Can Be:

  • Educational
  • Tutorial
  • How to
  • Infomercial
  • Sales promo
  • Just fun!

Using Marketing Videos Allows You To:

  • Create an emotional connection with your prospects
  • Create a greater perceived value of your product or service
  • Stand out from your competition
  • Give your business a personal face

Just for fun, these kids stand out from the rest. That’s because the power of video is VIRAL.

THE INTERNET amazes me everyday….

This is the most amazing thing I have ever found on the internet…
So you type in your old address growing up…and you too will have tears in your eyes while rocking out to Arcade Fire….They use the power of google maps to customize a movie showing your childhood home. Not only does the song rock, but its just fascinating….Who comes up with these ideas?

If you haven’t realized the power of the internet by now…this is mind blowing.

Enjoy your trip down memory lane.

xoxo mako video!

I can’t believe its coming up on a year….


Healing Haiti One Song At A Time

Posted on January 29, 2010 by Johnny TLeave a comment

I may have only been on this Earth a mere 26 years, but I like to think that I’ve experienced my share of life. I’ve played my part in a great deal of events, both humanitarian and musical. However I have never quite felt the strength of the human spirit, pure human resolve, and the tenderness of the human heart like I experienced Wednesday night, right here in Music City.

Wednesday night at 12th and Porter, a group of absolutely phenomenal musicians joined together and donated their time and talent to sing out in one voice that “we can make a difference!” It was the first night of six, monthly shows in a series of benefit concerts for Haiti relief. The series is called “Healing Haiti One Song At A Time.”100% of proceeds, through the Salvation Army, go straight to relieving the great tragedy and perils facing the Haitian people right now. That’s right 100%! This isn’t some event under the guise of a benefit then scrapping off a tiny percentage off the margin to go toward relief.
The lineup Wednesday night was the type of thing that every music lover dreams about. At around 7pm Matt Ridenour began to play. He and a great accompanying band played several of his original songs, then he ended his set with a clever acoustic version of MJ’s “Billie Jean”. Immediately following Ridenour, the breathtaking Heidi Rojas took the stage. I was absolutely blown away by the power in this sensual singer’s voice.
Next on stage was Music City’s own little, Melinda Doolittle. As everyone out there not living under a rock knows, Doolittle recently finished in 3rd place on the sixth season of American Idol. If those of you out there were impressed by her voice on television, get out there and see this woman live! She’s just incredible. Doolittle also added an amazing touch of humanism to the show. She was absolutely giddy and as star struck as everyone else there with the amazing lineup. Her humbleness, while possessing such extreme talent, is an example to all of us. As a short side note, Melinda Doolittle could possibly be the cutest person on the planet, but that’s just one person’s opinion!
After Doolittle left us all in awe with her voice, the stage was taken by Nashville sensation,Matt Wertz. Wertz was joined on stage by one of Nashville’s greatest young guitarists, Nathan Duggar, who is well known for playing with Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. Wertz played several original hits which included a few that will be on his new album hopefully coming out later this year.
Maintaining the rock and roll vibe in the room, the next musician in the veritable buffet of talent was Franklin, TN’s own Josh Hoge. A super skilled lyricist and vocalist, Hoge just might have given me a new favorite song with his duet “Space”. Hoge concluded his fantastic set with a cover of “Ain’t No Sunshine” that no one in the house will soon forget.
Now I know you’re asking yourself, “Self, how is this still possibly the same concert? How could this much talent be on the same ticket?” Well just hold on, there’s more to come…
The only word to describe the next performer is “legendary”. Mr. Tommy Sims was next to take the mic. Sims began by singing the original version of “Change the World” as he had written it back at the age of 16. Sims has a way of singing directly to your heart and I know I found myself more than once with watery eyes as he sang of compassion and cooperation among all people. Watching a musician of his caliber singing with both his voice and his soul, is something I will hold with me forever.
Who was next? More talent? That’s right, Dave Barneswas there. Barnes has made quite a name for himself with his superior skills as a musician and with his humor. He has basically made his name synonymous with “entertainment”. During his set, Barnes was joined by his friend and fellow Music City artist Andy Davis. If not impressed with his voice, I think anyone who saw the show last night can attest to Davis’ future as a dancer.
Barnes conceded the stage to the one and only Marc Broussard.

Broussard promised us all“stuff we’d never heard before”, which included an original “Emily” that spoke to any of us out there that have had their hearts bulldozed by unrequited love. I’d love to say I wasn’t in that grouping but alas… The final act of the night, the cherry on the greatest musical sundae that I’ve ever been allowed to indulge in, was the masterful Jonny Lang.
Lang’s set was longer than the rest and was much more a collaborative effort than a showcase. It completely expressed the attitude of the evening, we were all there together, all for a single cause, all working for the same goal.

Lang played a couple of originals, including “Red Light” which ended in an impromptu Bob Marley cover. There is something about a building full of voices all singing those words “everything is gonna be alright” that really moves a person. Again this big guy was brought to tears on multiple occasions during the show’s finale. After playing an original he had written with a previous performer Heidi Rojas, Lang decided to end the show with a group sing along of “You’ve Got A Friend” and lastly Steve Wonder’s “Living For The City”.
I know there were more musicians there that I haven’t named and I apologize. I know Gabe Dixon of the Gabe Dixon Band played and last but not least the incredible backup band that played the entire night. For those forgotten, I apologize again…
I will again reinterate the fact that I’ve seen more than my share of live performances, I’ve been blessed enough to live here in Music City where it seems you can’t throw a rock without hitting a performing musican. Yet I have never been a part of something like I experienced at 12th and Porter on Wednesday night. Wednesday night alone, we raised just shy of $15,000 to help the suffering people of Haiti. We did so by simply celebrating life, celebrating music, and banding together as a group of people who care. Tickets for the show were $40. For my donation of $40, I got to see one of the, if not the best lineups I’ve ever seen in one concert and enjoyed over 5 hours of soul strengthening music.
Do you have any idea how much $40 can help a Haitian family? Any difference I can make to help the suffering of another human being is a price worth paying. Everyone can make a difference, every little bit helps. These people are experiencing horrors that I pray no one else will ever have to experience. This was only the first show in the series of 6 at 12th and Porter. I urge all of you out there, search your soul and see where that $40 is best spent. Wednesday night was a night I will never forget. I can’t guarantee the lineup at the remaining shows but I can guarantee, if you go, you’ll be moved.
I leave you with a quote from the late John F Kennedy, “One person can make a difference and every person should try.”
Happy Listening,
Pictures from that night:


Mako Video is here to rescue you. Who, what, why, and what in the hell-o…..don’t worry all those questions will be answered.

IN SHORT. We are living in a video world. People are reading less than ever, and turning to video as their quick source of information. Its entertaining, engaging, and well you get a lot more information across faster than ever. VIDEO is a great tool for everyone, BUT only when done right!

Mako Video Marketing Experts, works with companies, small-large. We work within their budgets so that they can achieve the highest quality videos (aka mini-masterpieces) while obtaining the most results. We are a dynamic group that combines our skills, from marketing, sales, to film, giving you so much more than just a video. VIDEO that produces RESULTS!

So HELLO WORLD! We are here to stay! Mako Video Marketing Experts…and look forward to helping you launch your online video presence here soon…:-)